Saturday, 22 October 2011

Just plain lazy

Okay yes I am lazy and yes I know it's probably been longer then a week, but I am a busy person, and seriously tired.
I have gone from being a simple fresher to now the PR Manager for the Exploration Society, team leader for a trek in to Pakistan in April, competing in a mooting competition this coming Wednesday, turning 19, baking seriously chocolatey cakes and making home-made pizzas, becoming a Current Affairs representative, exposing my hidden fear for machines (I meant microphones), taking most of the Law library out on loan and stacking aforementioned books in my room (provides a homely feel), dressing up as a zebra but looking more like a Siberian tiger (which is soo much cooler) and being and feeling absolutely shattered. So as I slowly remove the eye-liner and tiger paint (which is actually really expensive Mac eye-liner) I shall upload and leave you with some pictures over the last few day ;)

My flat likes ring of fire

Friday, 7 October 2011

Limp Party

This is definitely becoming a weekly thing than a daily thing...Anyway I am an example of how sober partying totally works. I mean come on if everyone's off their heads around you if you let loose and act like a loser than what will you lose? Dignity? Pride? Nope...because you'd do the same if you were drunk and probably end up the next day nursing ProPlus and coffee crying at the sound of the shower drip drip dripping in the corner of your ensuite student room (why is it insanely loud and why is it the only thing you can hear?) No none of that shizzle for me, while I jump around banging out my old school big-fish-little-fish-cardboard-box-raise-the-roof-moves I am enjoying myself, I am confident and carefree and totally looking like an idiot on drugs it doesn't matter. Everyone around me is strung up in their own haze that I look pretty damn normal to them, I am not stumbling over myself, I am not doing anything I KNOW I will regret. I am joking about, I am laughing and I am sober. I can look out for my friends to make sure they are safe and get home on time, I know I won't be getting in to anything risqué and I am happy, I will go home singing loudly to Use Somebody in the world's most tone deaf voice, I will get to my room, pull on my superman t-shirt and sweats crawl in to bed and sleep peacefully. And the best part, I will wake up and never even have to glance at the ProPlus, I am totally up for another night and doing anything else all in a good mood. Hey I am not saying alcohol is bad, I am ProChoice my choice is just marked with teetotalism and no regrets. I have fun and my liver loves me. Why would I destroy a perfectly brilliant night with great people by getting off with some idiot who doesn't know me and I him, then throwing up in some bushes stumbling home in ripped tights and waking up feeling terrible and not remembering a thing? (I know extreme situation-but that will never happen to me) Granted I can't really compare the two being on the booze and without having never drunk alcohol before but I urge you all to try it just let go, have fun, and just go for it you do not need vodka, rum, Guinness to have fun all you need is to forget and let go shake it all away and go for it, it might just become vogue one day ;)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Flash back one week ;)

Okay yeah I know I haven't been at all good at this daily update but I swear I have been busy, after the hectic move in day I had a lazy Sunday which I totally deserved...Monday was mixed with Law events and the Pirate Party which was an event of it's own. I looked as expected nothing like a pirate but the night was awesome dancing along to known and unknown music the only drawback was getting drenched in other peoples drinks, being teetotal that wasn't quite what I was looking forward to. Being the responsible sober one I helped a flat mate and her friend home I should have a medal. Tuesday night was Quiz night which dragged on but it was a nice chilled out event, Wednesday and Thursday were chilled catching up on Law degree stuff receiving a Law Lecture note pack which I am not kidding is ridiculously big. Making friends on the course and going in to Falmouth and Truro for some team bonding sessions ;) Friday night was the big Psycho Circus, but being the special flat mine is we decided to ditch that and play Ring of Fire (no alcohol for me instead I had to down hot chocolate  which I did haha and water man I am still bloated from that session) After that we dressed up and headed in to Falmouth but being the amateur I am I ended up leaving my ID at home, luckily my flatmates already trashed decided to do a pub crawl instead which was sweet. After an excellent and absolutely fun bonding evening we all came home. Saturday I went to Fally with a flatmate for a spot of retail therapy mine involving getting my second Roskilly ice cream which is LUSH-plan is to try all the flavours. Getting home and making homemade pizza for the second time in a row, then the next day walking to Fally and back with my flatmates. From Penryn to Fally my shoes broke so I had to walk barefoot (mind in socks) an experience I urge you all to try but I am not saying it's any fun. Getting home and then making lasagne...sigh. It's been a busy week already feels like I have been here for a year. I have excellent Law mates, excellent flat mates and am at an excellent university what more could I ask for? I ended up signing up to the following societies at Freshers Fayre:
Law Soc
Debating Soc
Ladies Football
Rock Climbing
and probably more apparently I like giving my personal details away the second you say the word sign up ;)

I know this has been a rubbish post but it's late and I leave you with a few pictures from the last week ;)

I promise I will get it together and take more pictures and put up better post but it's 12 and I have a lecture tomorrow at 10 so see ya ;)